Digging Up Roots in Sicily

Charming story.... Digging Up Roots in Sicily. In a few days, we're off to Sicilia to do the same thing, to continue our genealogy research in Gangi and Cerami. Family surnames: Cammarata, Conte, Cascio, DiPietro, Mongioj, Trovato and Prestifilippo. Photo below of the author's great-grandparents, Anna Catalda Conte and Antonino Cammarata.


Italy Vital Records

Births, marriages and deaths are the most common and important civil registration records for Italian ancestry research. Registration began in 1809 in parts of Italy (1820 in Sicily). By 1866 civil registration became law. It is important to note that prior to 1809, records were kept at the local Parish. We can help you look for them.

These are the three documents most commonly sought:
  • Birth Certificate "Estrattro di Nascita"
  • Marriage Certificate "Estratto di Matrimonio"
  • Death Certificate "Estratto di Morte" 
Most records are kept at the town municipality also known as the Comune. We prepare a requisition letter to the registrar at the Comune's archives on your behalf. The turnaround time varies greatly as there is no standardized policy in Italy, but eventually, an answer arrives. The information you supply is what the request is based on, so please send as much background information as possible. If no record exists, the letter from the Comune will state so. However, the search doesn't stop there. Sometimes, another Comune could have the information you are seeking. We can help you find that too.

Italy Origins Services and Fees:

 1.) Vital Record Extract of Birth, Death, Marriage Record. What you receive is (1) copy of Extract, officially stamped by the Comune. This version is approved by the US Italian Consulate for dual-citizenship applications. Cost: per each document, includes postage, certified mail from Italy by Italy Origins

2.) Vital Record Original (copy) Birth, Death, Marriage - this is a longer, detailed version in Italian or Latin, not an extract that is handwritten. This is a copy from a scanned image by the LDS Family History Library and can take several hours to view records and decipher old handwriting from Italian into English. This record is for families looking for additional biographical information about an ancestor; it is NOT a record that is submitted to consulates for the purpose of establishing dual-citizenship. Service includes requisition from LDS for films, viewing, deciphering, translating, and transferring data. Cost: Hourly based on the scope of the project

3.) Family History Research includes general research to find ancestors or to help complete a family tree. This category is for those who have limited information, experience or time and want to learn more about their Italian ancestry or interpret information they have collected. Cost: Hourly based on the scope of the project

4.) Translation of documents and letters from Italian to English. Cost: Per Page Basis

5.)  Guided Tour of ancestor's homeland that may include an art, wine, culinary or biking tour of the region. Cost: contact us.

Please supply the following information for each ancestor. Include any additional data you have that might aid in our search. Email your request to Camarata@aol.com

1. Given name and surname of subject
2. Date and place of birth
3. Parent's given name and surname
4. Spouse's given name and surname
5. Marriage date and place
6. Date of immigration and destination
7. Date and place of death

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Reasonable cost - contact us for quotation. Invoice generated via email once document from Comune is received, and payment is due prior to shipment; preferred method is PayPal - see button below.

We look forward to working with you!

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee a record will be found. We base our research on information that you supply. It is possible that no record exists for your ancestor. This may be due to a family event, i.e. birth that was never recorded, incorrect information supplied, or inefficiency of the Comune. On rare occasions a repository may have suffered environmental damage or disaster. To date, 2017, LDS Family History library has not scanned all records in all locations in Italy.